Andrew Macklin

Coach Trainer

Andrew Macklin is an actor, coach, trainer and a native of Waterford in Ireland. His acting  career encompasses almost 20 years of work across the UK & Ireland. As a trainer and  facilitator, he has been leading and developing workshops and training sessions in the areas  of domestic violence prevention, inclusive leadership, interview technique, communication  skills and acting technique for almost 10 years. 

It was through his group work as a domestic violence and sexual harassment prevention  trainer that Andrew discovered the transformative nature of exploring and challenging the  beliefs that underpin negative and unwanted behaviour. His curiosity about this form of  education coupled with a desire to empower people with more self-agency led him to  undertake the Diploma in Transformational Coaching with Animas in 2020.  

As a coach Andrew’s work focuses on the professional development of freelance artists and  creatives. He runs the Breaking Ground development project for professional artists. The  course is a combination of training, facilitated group discussion, and individual coaching  sessions all aimed at increasing the personal agency, strategic skills and professional capacity  of artists and arts workers.