How Can We Use Transformational Coaching to Create Social Impact and Make a Difference?

The Animas Impact Incubator is a coaching for social impact pilot designed for the Animas coaching community.

It is a unique opportunity for 6 coaches to join a FREE 12-month group coaching journey with Animas Founder, Nick Bolton.

It is a space for exploration and creating social impact. Launching in January 2022, a group of 6 committed coaches will develop social impact projects, supported by the power of the group.

Using transformational coaching as the foundation, they will create and launch projects into the world whose core goal is to make a difference in an area each coach deeply cares for.

What is the Animas Impact Incubator

What does the programme aim to do?

Within this programme we aim to:

What does the programme have to offer?

We will officially kick off in January 2022 with:

This virtual programme consists of

6-group coaching sessions

Six group coaching sessions meeting monthly across the first six months

3-group coaching sessions

Three group coaching sessions* spread out for the remaining six months


Monthly calls with an Accountability Coach