At Animas we take our impact very seriously — so seriously that we now have a dedicated team focused on driving forward on of our school's fourth missions: Social Impact.

Social Impact Vision

We imagine a world where humans are thriving, where we all have the opportunity to shape a better future for ourselves, and where we are compassionately supported by those around us and openly encouraged to reflect, think, talk, and connect with true honesty.

Social Impact Mission

We believe coaching can play an integral role in unlocking human possibility. By harnessing the power of our community, establishing coaching programmes in areas that otherwise would struggle to access it and exploring coaching metrics to build an evidence base, we will redefine coaching within this field of work and create a worldwide culture of coaching for social impact.

Social Impact Approach

Pillars of Focus

We acknowledge that we are interconnected and our thoughts and actions ripple out far beyond ourselves. We will focus on serving those who serve our communities, especially in moments of crisis.
We want everyone to benefit from coaching. We stand for opportunity, widening accessibility and activating potential within all members of society.
We maintain that coaching can be a global force for good. We will work directly with social impact leaders and organisations who bring about positive social change.

Coaching for social impact is still emerging as a concept.

For our Head of Social Impact, Emma Koubayssi and her team, it’s the true essence of what coaching is.

It’s making a measurable, purposeful, positive difference to people’s lives.

It’s applying coaching, or any of its dialogic facets, be it training, facilitation or mentoring as a key intervention to either bring about a positive social change or address a pressing social issue.

“Everyone has the potential to bring about positive change and create an impact within their ecosystem. It’s from the clients you coach, to the ethics you embody right through to the big scale community impact coaching programmes we are designing. All contributions, no matter their size, are vital and valuable.”

Emma Koubayssi, Head of Social Impact at Animas Centre for Coaching

Impact Projects

Our social impact team is developing a number of strategic programmes which are running this year including:

Creating Space

A pilot developed in partnership with award-winning education charity Yes Futures to support teacher wellbeing. Following a successful launch of Wave One in February we are now all systems go with our Wave Two coaches.

Impact Incubator

Specifically for the Animas community to accelerate thinking and the growth of ideas, with the aim to launch a number of homegrown social impact projects, this is scheduled to go live around August/September.

Impact Hub

A dedicated membership site with tools and resources, events and talks dedicated to coaching for social impact.
Another in-house initiative is in the works to support young people and the team is currently devising a micro-pilot and in conversations with a number of charities about this opportunity which is penned in to launch in September.
The team has a number of workshops and community events which you can attend. From Social Impact gatherings to conversations around coaching ethically. You can sign up to the Social Impact newsletter to learn more.

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