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Executive & Life Coach Training for Transformational Change

If you want to help people create profound change in themselves, their work and their lives, the Animas life coach training course is for you.

Our coaching course takes place through live virtual training that allows you to take part from anywhere in the world. We’ve faithfully recreated the live classroom experience in a virtual environment, with trainer-led presentations, break-out sessions, interactive group conversations, Q&As, detailed walkthroughs of models, coaching practice and more.

Fully accredited by the Association for Coaching, International Coach Federation and European Mentoring and Coaching Council, our course offers the gold standard in life coach training.

Accredited Diploma Transformative in Coaching

Deeper than traditional life coaching training courses, the Accredited Diploma Transformative in Coaching enables you to learn psychological and integrative perspectives that will help you become an exceptional, humanistic coach.
Our course offers:

Free Virtual Introduction to Coaching

Learn more about coaching at one of our free Virtual Introduction to Transformational Coaching sessions. Book your spot to find out more about how you can become a coach and whether our coaching course is right for you.
You’ll learn:

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Can coaches ever be truly non-judgemental? (Part 1)

Can coaches ever be truly non-judgemental? In the first of a 2 part piece, Nick Bolton shares 7 Levels of Judgement and Non-Judgement which he proposes we operate from as humans and which dictate the level of non-judgement we can achieve.

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6 Reasons Coaching Supervision is a Must for Transformative Coaches

If you’re a coach (or want to be), you’ve probably heard of coaching supervision. But you might not know exactly what it is or how it could benefit you and your clients. As a coach, you work to support and ‘hold’ your clients, often through challenging periods of transition and

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Reflective Practice in Coaching
Animas Coach Training

A Journey Towards Reflective and Reflexive Learning

It goes without saying that new coaches need to learn new skills.  That’s typically why someone joins a coaching programme.  To learn how to coach. Yet, time and again, we hear that the journey is about so much more than learning to coach.  It also changes how the learner relates

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5 Ways to Work as a Coach After Qualification
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5 Ways to Work as a Coach after Qualification (With Real-Life Examples)

Coaching is an increasingly popular profession with the market demand for trained coaches increasing year by year. In turn, coaching has remained an attractive qualification to train for among people who are looking to make more of an impact on the people around them. These might be colleagues, team members,

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What is transformative coaching
Coaching explained

What is Transformative Coaching?

What is transformative coaching? This is not a question that can be answered comprehensively in a short blog post.  Indeed, even as I write this article, I am writing a whole book on the subject of transformative coaching. However, my aim here is to convey the essence of transformative coaching

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who the   do you think you are
Coaching explained

How Can A Life Coach Presume to Coach Anyone on Their Life?

We have a problem in coaching.  And even more so in life coaching. It’s the word itself. Coaching. It evokes all sorts of fury and scoffing at the arrogance and hubris of someone who thinks they can coach another person on their life. “Who the #$@% do you think you

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